Weimaraner Face

We appreciate your interest in our club and activities. The Weimaraner Club of Columbus (WCC) is for all fanciers of these great dogs. Whether you are interested in showing, hunting, obedience, agility, or wonderful family pets, the Weimaraner Club of Columbus can help you learn more about our gray friends.

The Club has regular meetings during the course of the year that are open to all members and visitors. Meeting information is listed under the “Club Information” and "Events" pages.

We host two specialty dog shows, an obedience and rally trial, and a hunt test to showcase the capabilities of our Weims. Show information is available in the “Events” section of the site.

We also have a Fun Committee dedicated to helping Weimaraner lovers have fun with their dogs, or sometimes with no dogs, and other Weimaraner lovers. Our picnics, parties and fun days are always a blast!

Please poke around the site, have fun, and let us know how we can be of further assistance. Hope to see you at an event soon!

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